New signs aim to slow traffic on death road


New speed limit signs have been put up along the B2012 from Cross-in-Hand south-westwards along the route towards Blackboys.

The road – and its extension the B2192 – have been the scene of four death crashes in four years.

Residents in the Possingworth and Blackboys area have been calling for traffic calming measures for years as they say the road is dark, straight, partly unfenced and bordered by dense woodland. They say there are frequent crashes and near misses as drivers swerve to avoid livestock or overtake where it is not safe to do so.

The new signs were installed by County engineers two weeks after the smash which led to the deaths of two Heathfield residents.

Speed limits are now reduced for 40mph for much of the road’s length, extending to 50mph. But the reductions are unrelated to this latest fatal crash. A County spokesperson explained: “As you know it takes about a year for new limits to be set. Recommendations must first go through a process of consultation and these new signs would have been in response to the fatal crash earlier this year when one driver died near the junction with Sheepwash Lane.

“After the recent crash, we will monitor the road for a period of about three months and see if anything else is necessary. There will be a comprehensive police report into the circumstances of the crash. The outcome will feed into the process of identifying a need right through to decision making. This will be based on different things, particularly the accident record, and will take up to year to reach a conclusion. Now signs are in, it might be nothing else needs to happen but that will be part of the process. We must make sure that what we’ve done is having the desired effect.”

County chairman Cllr Chris Dowling said: “I am pleased these signs have now been put up and we hope they contribute towards making the route safer for drivers and local people.”