Newhaven builder releases guide to dealing with stress

From left Dave Lee,The Hairy Arsed Builder, and his business partner Andy Dean.
From left Dave Lee,The Hairy Arsed Builder, and his business partner Andy Dean.

Even ‘hairy arsed builders’ are subject to stress - and now one worker from Newhaven has written a book about the subject.

‘The Hairy Arsed Builder’s Guide to Stress Management’ is Dave Lee’s laugh-out-loud and sometimes gritty look at what causes us stress and the tools we can use to relieve it.

A builder for more than 25 years, Dave experienced a childhood in and out of care and his teenage years punctuated by jail terms.

After being sent to a bail hostel at 19, he started to make positive steps and building a career became a priority.

In 2006 he reached rock bottom. He was deeply unhappy and depressed, drinking heavily and was facing the break up of his marriage.

As he progressed up the construction career ladder to site foreman, he became no stranger to the strain caused by his profession and often felt emotionally, physically and spiritually broken.

He decided to turn his life around and spent the next five years on a journey of self discovery working his way through books and courses to relieve his negative emotions.

He noticed his colleagues suffered similar problems and talked to them about what he had learned.

Wanting to reach a wider audience, Dave decided to start writing. However, he realised his target audience was more receptive to guides and manuals than books.

So Dave became the Hairy Arsed Builder and The Hairy Arsed Builder’s Guide to Stress Management was born.

It was not just male builders who appreciated his work. School children found it was something they could read, as did women.

Dave said: “I am very excited about launching my guide and helping others overcome the stresses of everyday life.

“Stress is something which I have had a personal battle with, therefore I wanted to share practical advice in an easy to understand format.

“I hope this guide will become a staple in toolboxes everywhere and help others put the foundations in place to banish stress to the skip!”

Dave has now started The Infinity Foundation, aiming to work with teenagers to improve their self esteem and personal responsibility.

For more information visit or to buy a guide, go to or a branch of Jewsons.