Newhaven canine club to help curb bad behaviour

Ruth Durrant
Ruth Durrant

The founders of a new club which will provide affordable training for dogs in Newhaven are hoping to curb canine bad behaviour.

The Cool Canines Club has been started by Ruth Durrant, daughter Jasmine and canine behaviour practitioner Dean Hart, to support and educate owners.

Membership is free, with a small nominal fee for each lesson, and will include classes for puppies and adult dogs.

The team will give free seminars on how to health check your dog, canine first aid, nutritional and grooming information.

Ruth, from Newhaven, said: “My dog was aggressive to other dogs and jumped up at people but after extensive training I am now able to deal with the problem.

“Most of my dog’s problems were caused by simply not socialising her enough when she was a puppy, a problem easily solved given the right training.

“The aim of our club is to help owners understand and correct their dogs in a kind and compassionate way.”

Ruth and Jasmine both hold City and Guilds in Undertake Animal Training from the Canine Studies College owned by Dean Hart and Jasmine is hoping to complete her BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Animal Care at Plumpton College in 2014.

Jasmine said: “I have seen how many owners struggle with their dogs and I am working towards a career in behaviour training as a Canine Behaviourist.

“I hope with my experience, training and patience it will mean a more satisfied owner and of course a happier dog.”

Ruth and Jasmine said they were pleased one of Britain’s top behaviour practitioners, Dean Hart, also from Newhaven, agreed to be part of the team.

Dean is well known for his lively talks, seminars and college lectures on animal behaviour and has run a successful business in Kent and Sussex for 16 years.

The club will meet at the Scout Hut in Fort Road Recreation Ground every Wednesday at 6pm from June 19.

The group also intends to hold a dog show annually.

Call Ruth Durrant on 07779 581722, email or visit

The club can also be found on Facebook: