Newhaven Community Award winners announced

Marilyn Nolan (centre) receives her award.
Marilyn Nolan (centre) receives her award.

The overall winner of the Newhaven Community Awards was Marilyn Nolan who volunteers for Denton and South Heighton Junior Football Club, The Barn Theatre in Seaford and Meridian Mature Citizens Forum.

The awards were held at the Hillcrest Centre in Hillcrest Road on Tuesday April 29 as part of the Annual Town Council Meeting.

Achiever Jim Skinner receives his award.

Achiever Jim Skinner receives his award.

Other categories in the contest included volunteer, unsung hero and achiever.

A spokesperson for Newhaven Town Council said: “Marilyn is a volunteer for a wide range or organisations and charities in the local area.

“Marilyn has also been a collector for RNIB for the past 15 years, she makes cakes for charity fundraising events and still finds time to work part time.

“She has also recently been recognised by the National Blood Service for giving her 75th donation of blood.”

Bob Evans won the Volunteer category for the many charity events he has helped over the last 20 years.

He is a group scout leader for the 3rd Newhaven troop and has been a dedicated officer the last fifteen years.

The town council said: “It is impossible to estimate how many young people Bob has supported and his impact on the local young community immeasurable.”

Maureen Hannington was the winner of the Unsung Hero category.

She volunteers at the Senior Citizens Lunch Club and even checks when people are missing to ensure they are well.

Maureen takes friends and neighbours to hospital, doctor’s and dentist’s appointments.

The town council said: “She has such enthusiasm and gusto for life and will do anything for anybody.”

Friends of Tide Mills chairman Jim Skinner won the Achiever award.

Jim was instrumental in forming the Friends of Tide Mills, a small band of volunteers who tidy the Tide Mills beach and adjoining area which was then uncared for.

The town council said: “Under Jim’s enthusiastic leadership over the last eight years a vast improvement has been made to this area.

“In order to keep the public aware Jims sends regular reports to the local press and other interested parties.”

The annual town meeting was also an opportunity for local residents to question Newhaven Town Council about its activities over the past year.

Nominees for the awards were:

Volunteer: Bob Evans, Marilyn Nolan, Tricia Gostock, Wayne Hemmings, Harold Loveless and Iris Donaldson.

Unsung Hero: Maureen Hannington, Terence Parkinson, Peter Elms, Shar Turnbull and Michaela Twaits.

Achiever: Jim Skinner and Joan Rhodes.