Newhaven Cormarant promises fiery show

A SPECTACULAR outdoor performance with music, daredevil aerial feats and fireworks will transform Newhaven Harbour into a fire lit, maritime wonderland for night this summer.

Newhaven Cormorant! is a collaboration between Brighton creative producers Zap Art and celebrated French street arts company Generik Vapeur.

The free event on July 16 will feature fire boats, floating sculptures, choirs and performers and a breathtaking finale taking the performance right out into the harbour.

Dave Reeves from Zap Art said: “Newhaven Cormorant! will turn Newhaven Harbour into a stage for one night, using performance and pyrotechnics on land and sea to create something magical.

“The scale of the event is huge – it will be accessible to everyone and a wonderful show for families.”

Newhaven Cormorant! is the second part of a project with Zap Art and Generik Vapeur, as part of the European project ZEPA, or European Zone of Artistic Projects.

The first event Photo Communale saw Generik Vapeur bring a giant roaming camera to Newhaven, photographing the town and the people. The resulting images will be used as part of Newhaven Cormorant.

The event will feature international and local participants, as Zap Art and Generik Vapeur have been working with artists, community groups and educational organisations.

Newhaven Cormorant! is free and takes place in Newhaven town centre and Newhaven Harbour on July 16, 2011 from 8.30pm to around 11.30pm.