Newhaven could benefit from No Cold Calling Zone

A No Cold Calling Zone could be set up in Newhaven, keeping residents safe from unwanted traders and callers.

Seaford and Bishopstone have benefited from a zone for the past two years and doorstep callers have been reduced by 80 per cent.

Newhaven Town Council is now asking if residents would like to see a zone introduced and is appealing for people to take part in a survey.

A spokesperson for the town council said: A “No Cold Calling Zone” would enable residents, particularly the more elderly, to turn away unwanted and intrusive doorstep callers and traders.

“This in turn would help to reduce the number of distraction burglaries in the area and enable the police to identify who the cold callers are and the locations they target in town. Religious and political groups are exempt from the scheme.”

Newhaven Town Council added Seaford had seen a drop in distraction burglaries since the zone was introduced.

Peacehaven and Telscombe have also just become No Cold Calling Zones, meaning if Newhaven got on board, the zone would stretch from Seaford to Telscombe.

If the scheme goes ahead, residents will receive a sticker or door notice to put inside their house close to the front door.

It will provide information on what to do if they have uninvited cold callers on their doorstep.

In addition signs would be put up at the town’s boundaries warning visitors they were entering a “No Cold Calling Zone”.

To introduce the scheme there needs to be good support from local residents.

Take part in the survey about the proposal here