Newhaven gym raises funds for Blind Veterans

A CrossFit event at Newhaven gym Titan Fitness raised £200 to support members taking part in a London to Brighton Hiking challenge in aid of the Blind Veterans Association.

Four of the instructors at the gym, opened by Mandy Dean, have now been awarded their CrossFit coaching awards.

To mark the increased membership and improvements in member fitness, the gym in Beach Close, held its first Corinthians Inter Comp.

The day started with a team warm up of running, stretching and light exercises.

Competitors were split between men and women, and then again between experienced and novice; with weights, repetitions and times adjusted accordingly.

There were four set work outs to complete.

Everyone took part at first, and slowly competitors were eliminated until the finals in each category were reached.

Push ups, pull ups, box jumps, rope climbs, runs and weighted exercises in various combinations until the most challenging final work out of the day determined the winners: Joe Govett (open men) and Val Boyer (open women).

Home-made energy bars and drinks were on offer, as well venison burgers. Money was raised from the catering.

CrossFit Corinthian at the gym has members from teenagers to those in their fifties, and has recently started ‘Titan Academy’ classes for younger kids.

They also run dedicated training sessions for rugby and swimming clubs. CrossFit is a registered trademark and is a mixture of high intensity fitness training and weighted (powerlifting) exercises.