Newhaven incinerator draws in curious visitors during open day

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A total of 230 people attended Newhaven incinerator’s open day to find out what happens to their black bags of rubbish on Friday November 1.

The Newhaven Energy Recovery Facility is the first facility of its kind to be built in the South Downs area.

It converts waste unsuitable for recycling into more than 16 megawatts of electrical energy - enough power to supply 25,000 homes continuously. The electricity produced is then supplied to the National Grid.

Visitors could take away a free bag of Pro-Grow – Veolia’s soil conditioner produced at the Woodlands In-Vessel Composting Facility from green garden waste.

General manager of Veolia Environmental Services South Downs, which runs the incinerator, Allan Key, said: “The Energy Recovery Facility is the last port of call after Reducing, Reusing and Recycling your waste - our aim is to inform local residents surrounding the facility of what is happening on site, and to get people thinking about the waste that they create.

“The open day was also a great opportunity for us to answer questions from our neighbours about the facility and to discuss how residents can recycle more before putting waste into your black bag.”