Newhaven lifeboat crew rescue paddle boarder in Seaford Bay

The Newhaven lifeboat crew rescued a paddle boarder in Seaford Bay who was struggling to return to the shore on Saturday.

Wednesday, 28th April 2021, 8:38 am
Bringing the paddle board in. Photo: RNLI/Rob ‘Archie’ Archibald

The team was called out at 4.38pm after the paddle boarder’s mother raised the alarm from Seaford Beach, where the he had set off.

Despite good visibility and slight chop close to shore, the sea state was moderate further out, with a strong easterly breeze of force five to six, a lifeboat spokesman said.

Once on scene, the lifeboat initially made way to a windsurfer who appeared to be in difficulty – although, she confirmed that she was okay.

The windsurfer, a friend of the paddle boarder, had gone out to check on her friend, realising he might be in difficulty and unable to return to the beach, the spokesman said.

The windsurfer assured us that she was happy to continue surfing and so the crew made way to the paddle boarder.

The spokesman said: “The casualty was on his board and well. However, under the conditions of wind and tide, he was unable to return to shore.

“Our crew brought the casualty and his paddle board onto the lifeboat.”

The lifeboat returned towards the beach and, once near the shore, the crew assisted the paddle boarder back onto the water, where he easily returned to the beach.

“Keeping an eye on a friend or family member who is involved in any water activity, can help save a life,” the spokesman said.

“The casualty’s mother did the right thing. If you spot anyone in difficulty in the sea, call 999 immediately and ask for the coastguard.”