Newhaven Lifeboat rescues yacht near Birling Gap

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An insecure mast on a yacht near Birling Gap prompted the Coastguard to send Newhaven Lifeboat in to assist.

Crew were tasked to the 7.5m yacht on Tuesday April 16 at 3.55pm after stay cables securing the mast had parted.

The three people on board the yacht, which was on its way from Eastbourne to Brighton, were fully in control of the incident and making slow progress towards Newhaven.

A spokesperson for Newhaven Lifeboat said: “However, due to the mast being so insecure having no fore and back stays, it was dangerous for them to be on deck manning the tiller.”

After the Newhaven lifeboat arrived on scene, it launched its daughter ‘Y’ boat to safely transfer a lifeboat crew member on to the yacht.

A towline was established and the yacht was taken back to Newhaven.

For their own safety the crew of the yacht were transferred to the lifeboat.

Once in the harbour and in calmer waters, the tow was parted and the yacht, under its own power made to the marina for repairs to be made.