Newhaven MP criticises plans to increase lorry movements to Newhaven incinerator

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NEWHAVEN MP Norman Baker hit out at Veolia’s plans to increase lorry movements to the Newhaven incinerator on public holidays.

The MP said the proposal would rub salt in the wounds of residents and begged the question: will the council ignore public opinion again?

This week he urged East Sussex County Council to stand up for Newhaven’s residents.

Veolia has submitted an application to the county council for a variation of the planning consent, which limited the lorry movements on bank and public holidays to ten.

If the application is successful, residents will see lorry movements to the incinerator on certain bank and public holidays more than treble from ten to 35.

Mr Baker said: “The issue is whether the council ignores them as usual, or for once decides to stand up for the residents of Newhaven.

“Basically, limiting lorry movements on bank holidays was one of the only things that came out of the permission which might be considered as a ‘concession’ for local people.

“But, if this application is approved, I have no doubt that any remaining positive view that the local residents have of the county council will go up in smoke – much like the vast amounts of waste being transported to the incinerator. Local residents can rest assured that I will be writing to the council to make my objections clear. I am also arranging a meeting with Veolia.”