Newhaven nursery is top scorer in Active Kids Scheme

Visiting Pebbles Nursery
Visiting Pebbles Nursery

Pebbles Nursery in Newhaven was top of the class in a scheme where people collect vouchers for sports equipment for young people.

An amazing total of 40,000 vouchers were donated by parents from the nursery to the Sainsbury’s Active Kids Scheme.

Staff from the supermarket visited the nursery to hand over the equipment they received by taking part.

Pebbles Nursery has been registered to the Active Kids scheme since it started and nursery manager Marion MacQueen said: “Customers at Sainsbury’s Newhaven have been really supportive this year and it’s great to be the top collecting organisation in our area.

“The scheme has helped us teach the benefits of a healthier more active lifestyle to hundreds of children over the last few years and we’re really looking forward to getting active with this year’s equipment.”

Sainsbury’s Newhaven manager Angus Murray, visited the nursery in Fort Road to see some of the equipment they had received and helped the children unpack.

He said: “It was like Christmas, we were all excited to see what was in the big boxes.

“It is fantastic to see how much equipment they received and the fun it gives the children.”

Sainsbury’s Newhaven customers have helped to donate £2.2m of Active Kids equipment since the scheme launched in 2005.