Newhaven street market to be back in full swing in spring

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The manager of the Newhaven street market was this week reassuring residents that the market was here to stay despite concerns at the dwindling number of stalls.

Gillian Smith said the drop in the number of traders was due to the awful weather and post Christmas dip.

She pointed out most established outdoor markets close down for the winter due to traders’ winter holidays and bad weather.

Gillian said: “Since the regeneration of the Newhaven Street Market in late summer last year the market has run twice a week, both Thursday and Saturday.

“Although many other markets close completely for the winter, we have attempted to respond to the town’s need for an everyday market but feel that we need to concentrate on running the street market on Saturday only until early spring.

“The regular market traders will continue to provide their excellent produce and goods on Thursdays and may be joined occasionally by the smaller traders but the larger main street market will remain on Saturday until we re-establish twice weekly on Thursday March 27.

“The market traders are committed to providing the town with a regular and reliable variety of stalls but the market needs to be supported by people, living, working and visiting Newhaven over the next few months for its survival.”

The market was relaunched in late summer in Newhaven town centre.

Gillian explained the market would expand to provide a more consistent and regular variety of stalls on both Thursday and Saturdays.

“Initially,we had considered only running at the weekend but feel that the town and its customers are keen to maintain the market twice a week and we are trying our very best to rise to the challenge”, added Gillian.

The market opened on Saturday August 10 thanks to a £10,000 grant from the Mary Portas scheme.