Newhaven team enters Help for Heroes European Rally 2011

A TEAM from Newhaven are taking part in the Help for Heroes European Rally 2011 to support the armed forces community.

George Seymour, 58, his brother Trevor, 57, and friend Chris Priest, 54, who all work in Newhaven, began their adventure on Saturday June 18 in Salisbury.

Their trip is taking them on a race through England, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany and Austria.

George, whose nephew Jacob is in the Princess of Wales Regiment, said: “We were fed up with the way Government was treating the troops.

“We thought it was time we stood up to the plate and did something.

“They [the armed forces] are fighting for our safety and being killed.”

So far they have raised more than £3,000 but plan to tour some more venues on their return to generate even more funds for the charity.

They also visited Meeching Primary School in Newhaven to tell pupils about their trip and give them sponsorship forms too.

A total of 45 vehicles are taking part in the race which covers places associated with World War I and World War II such as the Eagles Nest in Austria where Hitler had his summer retreat and Dachau concentration camp.

In fact the rally follows the path and tells the story of the Allied Invasion through Europe.

George added: “We get on very well. All three of us would do anything for each other wherever we possibly can.

“We thought the three of us would make a great team.”

Collectively all the participants in the Help for Heroes European Rally have raised £138,000 so far.

The Newhaven team are using Chris’ Land Rover and have attracted sponsorship from various companies.

All the money raised is going straight to Help for Heroes.

Chris works for CP Garden Machinery in Newhaven and the company will be donating ten per cent of profits to the charity.

If anyone wishes to donate they can do so by contacting CP Garden Machinery on 01273 510103 or on line at and search for Chris Priest. To find out more about Help for Heroes visit