Newhaven Town Council urges residents to fight Seaford tip closure

Newhaven residents are being urged to sign a petition calling for the tip in Seaford to be saved.

East Sussex County Council has earmarked the household waste recycling centre in Cradle Hill Road for closure in a bid to cut costs.

Newhaven Town Council is urging residents to oppose the plan, arguing it will have an adverse impact on Newhaven.

If it were to close, Seaford residents would be expected to use the tip in New Road, Newhaven.

Amongst the concerns raised by the town council were that closing the tip would:

Lead to long traffic queues at the site in Newhaven, especially at weekends, which in turn would create a traffic hazard on the A26.

Lead to a deterioration in air quality in Newhaven due to queuing vehicles waiting to enter the site with their engines running.

Reduce recycling rates amongst residents of Seaford because of the increased difficulty in reaching the site at Newhaven.

Lead to increased fly tipping in Seaford because of the increased difficulty in reaching the site at Newhaven.

The mayor of Newhaven Julie Carr said: “The closure of the busy Seaford tip would not only affect Seaford’s residents – it will also badly affect people in Newhaven.

“We want as many local people as possible to sign the online petition and/or respond to the online consultation being run by the county council.”

Sign the online petition here:

Respond to the online consultation by filling in the “any other comments box” at the end of the consultation here:

The proposals to shut the Seaford tip were contained in the East Sussex Waste Strategy Review.