Newhaven water park consultation time table release

Lewes Road Rec, Newhaven. Sold to build an Hotel
Lewes Road Rec, Newhaven. Sold to build an Hotel

The company which wants to build the largest indoor water park in the world in Newhaven has released its consultation timetable.

Round Table Entertainments said it would open a consultation centre in Newhaven town centre in spring and planned to discuss the proposals with residents for six months.

It will then submit a planning application for the water park to Lewes District Council in autumn this year.

The company stressed the Lewes Road recreation ground did not form part of its scheme and clarified nothing would ever be built on this piece of land.

Lewes District Council leader cllr James Page said: “I am really pleased that Round Table Entertainments have said the Lewes Road Recreation Ground is going to be available for the community indefinitely and that this valuable community land is safe indefinitely and is going to be improved.”

Round Table Entertainment chief executive officer Dr Al-Humaidi added: “We will carry out works to improve the recreation ground as it is often unusable through flooding in the winter months.

“We want to ensure that this is an amenity that the community can enjoy all year round. These works would take place at the same time that the water park is being developed and show Round Table Entertainments’ long-term commitment to Newhaven.”

The company said it had signed a contract with Lewes District Council preventing any other use for the recreation ground for the next four years and to ensure free public use of the recreation ground.

Dr Al-Humaidi added: “Our aim for the Newhaven water park project is to create a sustainable business offering jobs and opportunities in Newhaven.

“We are investing £350m to build the world’s largest indoor water park and create over 3,000 sustainable jobs in the local area.

“We aim to show them that this project will have a transformational effect on their town’s economy and will kick-start its regeneration.”

The consultation centre will feature a project master plan, graphics showing the completed water park and details of consultants and designers involved in the development.

Monthly meetings will be held in the centre on aspects of the project with a specialist consultant team answering the public’s questions.

There will be six open public meetings in Newhaven on critical elements of the scheme, such as local employment, environmental impact, working with local businesses, opening hours and discounts for Newhaven residents and transport.

The subject of the sixth meeting will be confirmed during the consultation.

If approved, a detailed application or applications will follow in 2014.