Newhaven Water Park plan sparks concerns

Water park land
Water park land
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The company behind Newhaven Water Park was this week reassuring residents that the ambitious scheme was still moving forward, although the delays have caused concerns.

Internal organisational changes had taken place, according to Kuwaiti European Holding Company’s new UK representative Fenlon Dunphy, who said he had only been in post for a month and added it was too early to comment on a timeline for the water park.

The lack of action prompted disappointment from Newhaven district and town councillor Steve Saunders, who said the town wanted results.

Mr Dunphy, who is in charge of the Newhaven Water Park scheme, said: “I have only been ‘in post’ for a month and am assimilating many months of activity relating to different projects, so it is too early for me to comment on specifics such as timeline.”

He continued: “There seems to be a misunderstanding of the relevant relationships and activities of the entities involved. Kuwaiti European Holding Company is the main company in Kuwait and as such is the parent company to Round Table Entertainments.

“The change that has taken place is in relation to KEH Developments, an independent company from Kuwaiti European Holding Company, who represented Kuwaiti European Holding Company in the UK, but no longer does so since last month.

“So both Kuwaiti European Holding Company and Round Table Entertainments are still engaged as principals in the project and are still utilising their own people.”

District council leader James Page added: “As far as I’m concerned there’s still an opportunity here.”

Cllr Saunders (Newhaven Valley) said: “Roundtable, were welcomed by the town’s Chamber of Commerce last year and were encouraged to hear of the many opportunities that would result from their proposals.

“Since that presentation there has been little or no engagement with businesses, save for the debacle over the shop in the town promised for the spring to consult with local people.

“As a member of the cross party working group on Lewes District Council scrutinising the development, I remain non-committal about the scheme.

“We only have the facts at hand to gauge our opinions and with a lack of news, the dismissal of team heading up the consultation process and a programme well behind schedule, I can only say that you would not be surprised at my lack of confidence.”