Next step to Crowborough Community Hub

Pine Grove
Pine Grove

A plan by Crowborough Community Association (CCA) to establish a business hub in the town took a step forward with news grant aid has been secured to pay for a feasibility study into the project’s costs and potential.

This is an important stage of the process of transforming the former Wealden District Council offices at Pine Grove – which already houses Crowborough’s library – into a business development hub.

If, as expected, the study shows a hub can be set up on a sound financial footing, then the CCA – through the Community Interest Company (CIC) it has formed – will seek grant aid to make it happen.

Money for the study (up to £10,000) has been secured through The SIB Group working with the government sponsored Locality network. The CCA is now in a position to apply for a full feasibility grant – up to £100,000 – to prepare plans to take over Pine Grove.

CCA chairman, Chantal Wilson, said: “We are thrilled. Many people have worked very hard to achieve this result. We now have to deliver this study quickly but to a high standard so that we can move on to the next stage.”

Development expert Chris Lawson said: “You have somewhere between 10 and 12 rooms on the ground floor for smaller businesses.  

“With the market continuing to improve and likely to do so up to the General Election, it is the ideal time to pursue this objective.”