NHS staff help Nepal

The local Nepalese community, including those who work at the Conquest hospital, held a special lunch for staff to raise money towards the Disaster Emergency Committee Nepal Earthquake Appeal.

Staff Nurse Prabina Hamal, whose sister lost her house during one of the earthquakes that killed thousands of people in April, said the Nepalese community felt that they wanted to do something to help the people of their country. “Nepalese nurses at the Conquest hospital, along with others in the local Nepalese community held a fundraising lunch for staff at the Conquest and raised in excess of £800 towards the disaster fund to help the earthquake victims, she said. “Staff at the hospital have been amazing with their generosity. I would like to thank all the lovely people who contributed for the fundraising to help the earthquake victims of Nepal. A huge thanks goes to my husband Ramesh Gyawali and the two Nepalese Restaurant Gurkha chefs from St Leonards & Bexhill for their delicious free charity meal.”

Prabina and her family belong to the Sidarth Nepalese Society (SNS) based in Hastings and their fundraising efforts have, to date, raised £20,699 but she says they hope to achieve more. “A few nurses among us have been to Nepal and helped the victims financially and physically. They have returned back to Hastings safely after two weeks of volunteer work.

“I am really pleased and would like to thank all the lovely people who contributed for the fundraising to help the victims. “We are lucky that all our families back in Nepal are okay but sadly my sisters house has been greatly damaged and is unsafe to live in.

“There are many people who have lost their lives or their family or everything they own. Unfortunately, more tremors and aftershocks are still going on and people are continuing to lose their lives.

“Thank you to everybody for their generosity.”

Donate to the appeal at: www.dec.org.uk .