Nicola's legacy still helping to improve life for others

Nicola Langlands SUS-180304-110007001Nicola Langlands SUS-180304-110007001
Nicola Langlands SUS-180304-110007001
A Table Sale and Coffee Morning this weekend will raise funds for charity in memory of a great Bexhill character.

Nicola Langlands, who was born with half a heart, died four years ago, aged 37, 24 years after world-renowned surgeon Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub gave her the heart and lungs of a donor.

Her mother Lynn Langlands said: “Nicola started a charity called Look Beyond the Heart, and used money raised to give families of transplant recipients days out, therapy sessions or set-up group meetings at Harefield Hospital so patients could have lunch and chat to one another. She felt this was an area of care that was sadly lacking from the NHS.

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“As a family we have been trying to continue with her work, and maintain the charity in a very small way.

“We have provided individual fans for patients who have severe breathing difficulties and thus encounter periods of panic when they are out and about. The fans offer the air flow that just reduces the panic and helps them to get back on track. We have also provided small art packs for patients who spend a long time in their hospital bed, and are unable to join in a class with others.

“Nicola’s best idea came out of an experience she had in the last few months of her life, when a parent of another transplant patient came in her room with a few special items (toiletries, books, games etc.) to cheer her up. Nicola decided to make ‘Bags of Brightness’ for patients who were in hospital for a long time, and this has bought considerable pleasure to many.”

The coffee morning, which also supports, Parkinson’s charity, takes place at Bexhill Sailing Club on Saturday April 7 from 9am -12pm.

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