No cold calling zone proposal for Peacehaven and Telscombe

PCSO Steve Carter with No Cold Calling Zone sign
PCSO Steve Carter with No Cold Calling Zone sign

A public consultation is being launched into introducing a no cold calling zone in Peacehaven and Telscombe.

In the next issues of the Peacehaven Times and the Telscombe Town Crier, both town councils will be asking residents for the views on the proposal.

The councils said a no cold calling zone would enable residents, particularly elderly people, to turn away unwanted and intrusive doorstep callers and traders.

They argued it would also reduce the number of distraction burglaries in the area.

The mayor of Peacehaven councillor Rachael Coles and the mayor of Telscombe councillor Brendan Rossiter said: “This is a great example of the two towns working closely together and in partnership with the police to help reduce crime and making our two communities a safer place to live and enjoy.”

Together with Sussex Police, the town councils are hoping to introduce the zone in early 2014.

It will enable police to build up a picture of who the cold callers are and locations they target in the town.

The scheme has been running successfully in Seaford for nearly two years, where an 80 per cent drop in doorstep traders and callers has been recorded, as well as a reduction in distraction burglaries.

If the plans go ahead all residents of the two towns will receive a sticker or door notice that can be placed inside their house close to the front door which provides them with information on how to handle and what to do if they have uninvited cold callers on their doorstep.

However religious and political groups are exempt from these restrictions.

If residents do not wish for these groups to call at their homes, they must ring the group and request that their address is not called at.

To introduce the scheme the councils said there needed to be good support from local residents.

In the next edition of the Peacehaven Times and the Telscombe Town Crier there will be a cut out slip which asks residents if they would like a no cold calling zone to be introduced in Telscombe and Peacehaven.

If there is general support for the scheme across the two towns, then the town councils should be able to introduce the scheme and ensure all residents receive a sticker or door notice in early 2014, in partnership with Sussex Police.

In addition signs will be put up at the point where people drive into the two towns from Newhaven and Brighton, to indicate that Peacehaven and Telscombe are designated as no cold calling zones.