No further income for Lewes district

ONE thousand residents of Lewes District will pay no more Income Tax, in an announcement welcomed by Lewes MP Norman Baker.

A further 34,000 will receive a tax cut.

From last week, the personal tax allowance will rise to £7,475, as announced in June 2010’s Budget.

This means nationally it will bring 900,000 people out of Income Tax. This will rise further to £8,105 for 2012/13, bringing an additional 200,000 out of the tax.

The announcements are the first steps towards reinstating a personal tax allowance of £10,000.

Mr Baker said the decision was the ‘first step in the right direction’ and anticipated it will receive ‘welcome support’ in the tough economic times.

He said: “It was a page one commitment by the Lib Dems to raise the personal tax allowance to £10,000, and while the county’s finances do not allow this to be done in one go, as we would wish, 1,000 people from the Lewes District being pulled out of tax today is a first step in the right direction, and a move that I fully support, and a further 34,000 will experience a tax cut.

“This will provide some welcome support in tough times.”