No Ugly Sisters but plenty of Princes and Cinderellas here

Heathfield prom
Heathfield prom

The Year 11 Prom at Heathfield Community College was a great success with the weather holding out despite the majority of forecasts suggesting it wouldn’t.

Year 11 Deputy Head Boy Jack Wiles said: “Everybody looked fantastic in their various suits and dresses and arrived with the help of some fascinating modes of transport.

“The students were greeted by a large group of spectators including friends, family, and school colleagues, all of whom seemed to be amazed at how brilliant everyone looked.

“As always, the manner in which students arrived was very entertaining, with people rolling up in a whole range of vehicles, varying from a London double decker bus, to vintage cars, stretch limos and mobility scooters.”

This year’s Prom was funded thanks to many money-raising events that year 11 students had staged over their five-year spell at the college. And families worked to ensure both boys and girls looked wonderful; girls in their strappy and colourful ballgowns and boys giving a hint of how they will look when they hit their big City jobs dressed in smart, dark suits and DJs.

Jack went on: “The students spent the evening socialising with each other and staff in the school hall, which had been given a superb makeover to turn it into a fancy ballroom.

“With music playing and the laser light disco, the evening can only be described as a massive and inspiring success. The support from staff, students and families was fantastic; they have played a very big role in an evening that this year’s Year 11 students will never forget.”