Norcross Dance Centre pupils bag armfuls of awards at prestigious festival

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PUPILS from the Norcross Dance Centre in Newhaven scooped dozens of awards at the Eastbourne Music and Arts Festival.

They danced and sang at the competition which was held at the Winter Gardens during half term.

Alison Norcross, who runs the dance centre in Arundel Road announced the top notch results this week.

She said: “They all did extremely well.

“I am very proud of all the girls and boys who danced and I believe their hard work is reflected in the results.”

And the winners were: Grace Burns, 17, 1st modern solo age 16 plus, 1st Greek solo age 16 plus, 1st character solo age 16 plus, 2nd national solo age 16 plus, 2nd ballet solo age 16 plus, the aggregate solo medal age 16 plus and the aggregate cup for the highest solo aggregate 12 plus.

Emma Durnford, six, 1st national solo age six, 2nd Greek solo age six and aggregate solo medal age six years.

Emily Barlow, 14, 1st national solo age 14 and 3rd Greek solo age 14, Kayleigh Pelling, 14, 2nd national solo age 14, Kiri Harmer, age ten, 1st solo singing age under 12 and 3rd solo singing age under 12.

Megan Sanford, eight, 2nd national solo age eight; Hannah Wright, six, second national solo, age six; Nyree Groome, six, 2nd national solo, age six and Caitlin Sanford, five, 3rd baby solo.

Emma Durnford and Hannah Wright, 1st cabaret duet, age six/seven; Emma Durnford and Hannah Wright, 2nd classical duet, age six/seven, Megan Sanford and Amber Harris, 2nd classical duet age eight/nine and Kiri Harmer and Beth Durnford 2nd classical duet age ten/11.

The Norcross Dance Centre, which meets at Denton Social Centre, also boasted groups which performed very well.

These included 1st in the song and dance mini group, age 13 plus, 1st in the contemporary group age 13 plus, 2nd in the classical group under 13 and 3rd in the cabaret group mixed age.