Norman Baker urges councillors and politicians to boycott official opening of Newhaven incinerator

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NEWHAVEN MP Norman Baker has publicly said he will boycott the official opening of the incinerator - and is urging other elected representatives to do the same.

The unpopular energy from waste facility, which now dominates part of the Ouse Valley just outside Newhaven, is being opened on July 4.

The Liberal Democrat MP is calling on MEPs and county, district and town councillors to join him in snubbing the ceremony.

Mr Baker said: “I have absolutely no wish to attend this poisonous event.

“This gigantic intrusion into the landscape was forced on the town against the wishes of virtually all its residents by the Tory county council.

“It has damaged the landscape and sent out a message that Newhaven is simply a convenient dumping ground for the rest of the county. There is nothing to celebrate.”

Mr Baker continued: “What is even more shocking has been the complete failure of the county council to negotiate any benefits for the people of Newhaven by way of planning gain.

“Any half-decent council would have secured millions in compensation, or the rerouting of heat generated to provide cheap district heating for the town.

“Instead, all we have are a few pathetic trees which would struggle to hide the sign to the incinerator, let alone the monstrous building itself.

“I would have hoped that Veolia, having been completely let off the hook by the council, would have had the decency to put their hand in their pocket and come up with a decent sum.

“If the company wants to be part of the town as it says it does, it needs to realise it owes Newhaven big time. Until it does, the incinerator will remain an alien intrusion in the landscape.”