Northiam community in total shock and disbelief after double shooting

12/9/14- Scene of shooting incident, Spring Lane in Northiam. SUS-141209-133635001
12/9/14- Scene of shooting incident, Spring Lane in Northiam. SUS-141209-133635001

The community of Northiam is in a state of shock today after the horrific shooting in the village.

The school where the victim of yesterday’s shooting in Northiam attended has today issued a statement.

The statement from Beckley Primary School reads: “We have received confirmation that the child who was shot is a pupil at our school. This is a dreadfully sad and shocking incident and the whole school community will be praying for the family.”

The seven-year-old girl is in King’s College Hospital where she is in a life-threatening condition.

Residents have also told of their sheer disbelief.

Joan Crouch, 82, of Cavix Field, said: “I had just come in from the garden and a friend phoned and told me they had heard a gunshot when they were walking their dog.

“Soon after the emergency services arrived.

“It’s just a dreadful incident. Why did the man do that to her?

“It’s shocking. I have two grand daughters myself.

“The mother seemed a very happy and friendly woman. I used to say hello to her sometimes when she walked past.

“We did see a man sometimes but I think it was the mum’s brother.”

Fred Lawrence, a 75-year-old grandfather also of Cavix Field, said: “We live near and have done for 40 years and when we come back from shopping yesterday at about 4pm the ambulance crew were all here.

“It was a real shock.

“The mum and daughter used to walk past and because we have lots of cats, the little girl liked stroking them and we said she could take one if she wanted, which she did for a while.

“She looked after it for a week and then it came back.

“Sweet little girl and very close to her mum. I’m a bit upset now talking about it.

“We didn’t know them as it is a different road and people come and go a lot.

“The little girl apparently said to one of my grand children when they were playing ‘I have got a daddy but he isn’t allowed to see mummy.’

“We are just in a state if shock.

“I just hope she pulls through.

“I can’t believe what a state that man must have been in to do that. Something must have really affected him.

“We never saw a man around. They hadn’t been here long.”

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