Novelist sets kitchen-sink drama in the Old Town

Mel Wright
Mel Wright

A writer and social worker has completed his second novel set in Hastings.

Mel Wright’s

Mel enjoys escaping to Hastings from his home in London and sometimes writes in an old caravan at Winchelsea Beach.

He said: “I like Hastings because it is unpretentious - ordinary people living by the sea, trying to make ends meet.

“There always seems a great spirit in the town like the plight of Hastings Pier. Saved by the people of Hastings I wanted to write about ordinary lives during this recession, the impact of the crash.

“I have tried to capture the comic, drama, and day-to-day dilemmas and struggles people have. Above all the friendship that exists between them.”

As Hastings Borough Council launches a new edition of the classic Robert Tressell novel

He said: “Myself and my wife, Irene, both read the book while staying in a B&B in Hastings during the 1970s. As Tressell was an artist, she wanted to see the mural he painted but found it still in pieces after being rescued from St Andrew’s Church. Incensed she set up a campaign to raise money to have it preserved. It was successful and is now in Hastings Museum.”