Numbers come up for Uckfield families

Uckfield Postcode Lottery winners
Uckfield Postcode Lottery winners

Three lucky Uckfield residents have plenty to celebrate this Christmas when their postcode: TN22 5ED won them £333,333 each at People’s Postcode Lottery’s December Postcode Millions.

Susan Butler, 58, a factory worker at Kennedy Hygiene, was shocked to discover she had won £333,333. Susan said: “I just didn’t think something like this could happen to someone like me, it’s amazing but I think it will take a while for it to sink in.”

Susan, who attended the event with her husband Robin, had already collected a cheque for £12,779 and couldn’t believe it when her full postcode was revealed. Susan said: “I phoned my daughter Laura straight after my first cheque was revealed. I don’t think she’ll believe me when I call her back and tell her I’ve won £333,333.”

Susan had initially decided to buy a new carpet with her winnings but now has bigger plans.

Robin continued: “I love the way that People’s Postcode Lottery brings everyone together and that we all get the opportunity to win as a community.”

Two of the three top prizewinners couldn’t attend the weekend presentation but have a surprise in their bank accounts.

Also celebrating were brothers Mike and Tim Slaughter. Mike was first up to collect his cheque for £12,779, followed by brother Tim who scooped £23,428. Tim celebrates his 25th wedding anniversary next year and Mike’s son Justin recently got engaged, so the brothers have plenty of impending celebrations to spend winnings on.

Caretaker and gardener Aaron Hudson, 30, described his £25,558 win as ‘epic.’ Aaron has had an eventful few days and said: “I crashed my car this week so this win couldn’t have come at a better time.”

There were 99 winners and cheques ranged from £1,064 – £333,333. One, who had already won £1,064, also picked up the keys to a new BMW 1 Series. As a charity lottery, 50p from each £2 ticket supports charities and good causes in Britain and worldwide.