Off-road challenge raises funds for threatened Kenyan wildlife

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Competitors and spectators dodged the weather to raise funds for Rhino Ark, a British charity that undertakes innovative conservation projects in Kenya. The UK Rhino Charge took place on Sunday, September 22, and saw 12 teams traverse tricky terrain with their 4x4s in Pippingford Park near Nutley. It raised over £7,000 for projects to protect Kenya’s vital forest ecosystems.

Rhino Charge UK 2013 was enjoyed by an increased number of people and featured the usual off-road antics. The Safari Run featured a guided off-road course for the less adventurous, or more sensible, which also raised funds for Rhino Ark. Clerk of the Course Brian Hartley and marshals from Club Off Road produced a testing challenge that favoured a team who worked together and thought about where they went rather than just off-road ability. Eleven standard roadgoing 4x4s joined the escorted and controlled Safari Run having fun finding out just how capable their 4x4s really were. Most were novices and all were having more fun than they thought possible with their cars.