Offbeat News: A man with more than 100 tattoos has inked his eyeballs

A man with more than 100 tattoos has inked the only blank place he had left on his body - his eyeballs.

Ted Richards, known locally as the ‘parrot man’, has a whopping 110 tattoos, 30 piercings and seven implants over his body.

The 56-year-old has done everything possible to transform his image, including splitting his tongue in half and having five transdermal implants - objects being placed beneath the skin.

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He has three beads down his forehead and two horns implanted, but in his latest feat, has inked his eyeballs.

Retired shoe factory worker Ted, from Hartcliffe, Bristol, said: “With the eyes they have to put a needle in five or six times to each and you feel that, but after it’s in, it’s fine.

“Obviously they have to be very careful because it’s your eye - and the tongue is uncomfortable for a while, too.”

The operation, which cost “a lot of money” lasted less than an hour to do.

Ted’s eyes closed shut like a boxer’s after the procedure, but the swelling reduced after a few days leaving him with multi-coloured sclera - normally the white part of the eye.

Having received his first tattoo in 1976, he now has an array of different pictures, including two parrots on his face that are a tribute to his “babies”.

Ted ‘wears’ his five pet parrots, including Ellie, a green winged macaw, and Teaka, a harlequin macaw, an iguana and a pitbull, as tattoo tributes.

Still not content with his look, Ted is now saving up for scarification - branding designs into the body - and for reptile implants under his eyebrows.

Ted added: “There’s no doubt that when they made me they broke the mould. But seriously, I love the fact that I’m unique and I have always wanted to be different.

“I love body modification and the more the better. It’s oxygen to me. If I had it my way I would go and have something new every week.”

Ted claims that - despite having a peace sign branded into his left shoulder, 50 piercings in his face and ears, and two magnets in his hands, people are positive about his appearance.

He said: “After the last article about me in the paper I have had almost 3,000 friend requests on Facebook and lots of nice comments.

“In fact the only time I get any criticism is when it comes from people who do body modification procedures - I think it’s just a cutthroat industry and they like to criticise each other’s work.”