Offbeat News: Sculptor celebrates half-century creating hilarious model caricatures – poking fun at hundreds of celebrity sport stars

John Hughes founded World of Groggs in 1965 after making clay figures of his favourite rugby players in his shed and flogging them to school friends.

After he retired his son Richard, 55, took over the business and has gone onto make tens of thousands of the models, called Groggs, for sport stars and fans across the globe.

His famous customers include Gareth Bale, the late George Best, Jonah Lumu, Eric Cantona, and Hollywood star Kevin Costner.

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This year he is celebrating his 50th year since the shop was opened by John, who died in June 2013.

Each model costs between £10 to £600 and range from four inches to a metre in height and takes Richard an average of six weeks to complete.