Ofsted praise Framfield Pre-School

IN THE same year a new village pre-school was set up, Ofsted inspectors have praised staff for their care and enthusiasm.

Ofsted inpectors awarded an overall ‘Good’ rating to Framfield Pre-School.

They described the setting as having ‘several significant strengths within its provision, particularly with the organisation and presentation of an excellent and highly stimulating play and learning environment.”

They also said staff at the Pre-School - attached to Framfield CE Primary School and formerly Framfield playgroup – take full advantage of the generous space provided and the setting’s purpose-built play areas to engage children in a highly productive range of activities.

The playgroup had existed for 40 years and the new building brings benefits such as a dedicated outdoor play area. The move towards a pre-school signals a change in approach and ambition for the team of parents and staff.

Term time care is now offered from 8am-6pm from Monday to Friday. Inspectors praised the team for the way they work with parents and nurture close links with the attached school.

Janet Wilde, manager of the Pre School team commented: “I am really proud of the team and all we have achieved over the last few months. The new setting is working well. The proof is in the delight the children take in being here and the progress they are making. It’s amazing that in 40 years we never had own space or a garden. It’s wonderful to have it now”.

Ofsted left the team with guidelines for improving the setting further, explained Janet: “They would like us to improve our use of the garden. That’s great, it had only been open a week when they came and because of the mild spring we’ve been able to use it every day. The garden has a climbing wall, soft play area, play house, ride-on toys and a planting area. We want the inspectors to come back soon so they can see how well it’s working now.

The team is now making plans for its first full year in the new Pre-School and are ambitious for its future. - It is open from 9-3pm for pre-school children from aged two, 7.45-9am for the breakfast club for pre-school and school age children and from 3-6pm for after school care.

Organisers say there is availability for in all sessions. For details contact: 01825 890943.