Oil fire near Fletching pub

UCKFIELD: Fire at Griffin Inn Flatching. 9-12-11
UCKFIELD: Fire at Griffin Inn Flatching. 9-12-11

HEATING OIL caught alight when an outbuilding near a pub caught fire in Fletching this morning, November 9.

The fire happened near The Griffin Inn on the High Street, according to East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service (ESFRS).

Two fire engines raced to the scene after receiving a call at 11.12am. The initial call said there was a separate store near the pub which was alight.

But firefiighters noticed, as they rushed to the scene, a big smoke plume and two further fire engines were called out to assist them.

In total there were two fire engines from Uckfield, one from Crowborough, and one from Lewes. Some three fire officers were also sent - although only two were needed at the site.

They found 200 litres of domestic heating oil alight at the site. One car and two sheds were damaged as a result of the blaze. No one is believed to have been hurt.

Two breathing apparatus were used and 1-in-7 foam to douse the flames [a type of foam which is worth seven times the equivalent amount of water, according to ESFRS].

Firefighters had dealt with the fire by 12.07pm. They spent 20 minutes damping down and turning over the site to make sure it was safe.