One in ten pensioners do not see another adult in a month, says CTLA

COMMUNITY Transport for the Lewes Area (CTLA), which covers Newhaven, Peacehaven and Seaford, said a recent survey revealed one out of ten people of pensionable age or more do not see another adult in a month.

The non profit making charity provides a bus service to those who are not able to access normal public transport.

Spokesperson for the charity Karen Collins-Williams said: “This is shocking, and we know that our service enables people not only to get out, but also to socialise. The continued use of the service by local residents helps us keep going in what can be a “use us or loose us” scenario.”

Running from Monday to Friday, between 8.30am and 3pm, the fleet of minibuses make otherwise difficult or expensive journeys possible for most residents of all age groups.

For a small fee, this door-to-door transport service will take you from your home to your required destination, such as the shops, a doctors appointment, or simply to visit a friend or relative.

In addition to these weekday services, CTLA’s popular Travel Club provides opportunities for day trips to various places of interest, shows, restaurants and special events, as well as regular trips to shopping centres and supermarkets.

Most vehicles have wheelchair access, and all are easily accessible for those with mobility problems.

Karen added: “We recently provided transport for a lady who was paying £75.00 per week in fares to visit her husband in a nursing home. We got this down to £3 a day, which enabled her to do normal things like eat properly.”

East Sussex County Council and the town councils provide funding.

Call CTLA on 01273 517332, visit or pop into the office at the Hillcrest Community Centre in Newhaven for more advice.