Open forum for Hailsham residents to question policy makers

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YOUNG people and parents are invited to a question-and-answer session about local policies in Hailshan.

Hailsham Community College will host the event at its learning resource centre from 7pm to 8.30pm on Wednesday, October 10.

The forum is a discussion group in which parents and students can address policy makers and various institutional representatives, including the police force, relating any agendas within the local town and community of Hailsham.

Youth Mayor Chelsie McIntosh said: “Hailsham Community College is very excited about setting up a questions and answers forum. Key to the success of any school is how well it understands the feelings of students, parents and the community it serves. This is an area that we have selected that we think we could improve this year.”

Topics discussed may include anything that is of concern to the local public with reference to the Hailsham area, policies that have been implemented by Hailsham Town Council or Wealden District Council, and further issues which may relate to what local authorities have implemented for the community, or even how they plan to improve the community in the future.

Miss McIntosh added: “The establishment of such a forum as a means of communication between various agencies and students and parents within Hailsham will help us to improve the community.

She added: “Those without specific questions can benefit from hearing what’s on the minds of the community.”

The group will meet once every half term. The focus of meetings will be to share aspects of the college life in more detail, discuss forthcoming events and to set aside time for question and answer sessions.

The forum will be hosted by Miss McIntosh and be attended by representatives from Sussex Police, Hailsham town council and Mayor, Cllr Jeff Bentley-Astor, who originally developed the idea.