An elected mayor gets my vote

IT'S now been more than six weeks since the graves were vandalised at Broadwater Cemetery, yet despite the police making a number of arrests within days, the Crown Prosecution Service seems no nearer bringing the case in front of the courts.

And even if the perpetrators were to make it into the dock, given their ages, no media organisation will be able to name them, as it would infringe on their "civil liberties".

Somewhat ironic, given that the graves that were smashed-up belonged to people who died protecting all of our civil liberties.

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Much has been written since the vandalism was first discovered.

The do-gooder lobby can trot out all the excuses about one-parent families and deprived backgrounds, but in my opinion anyone who goes into a cemetery and behaves in this way has either drink or drug problems or serious psychological issues.

But are the events at Broadwater Cemetery just the tip of the iceberg?

A friend of mine recently came across two youths in a local park trying to snap a sapling.

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He asked them what they were doing and a heated exchange soon developed.

Two youths quickly became 10 and my friend realised that whilst he didn't want to, retreat was the only option, because in his words, "I didn't want to be the next Gary Newlove".

An over-reaction on his part?

I don't think so, because anyone who doesn't think it could happen in Worthing is being nave.

I feel sorry for the local police as it's probably not the organisation that many of them originally joined.

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Excuse the clich, but when I was a lad everyone knew the local police.

We new Sgt Terry and PCs Budd, Martin, Jenner, Trustler and Curry, not because Worthing was a lawless badland back then, but because of their presence in the schools and on the beat.

Nowadays, ask any school child to name that many local police officers, and they couldn't.

Don't get me wrong, a large majority of local youngsters are very well behaved, but the small minority appears to be a growing problem.

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The Broadwater vandalism might not make it to court. But woe betide any local motorist who goes over 33mph in front of the Broadwater Road speed camera.

But to the grey suits, the speed camera represents a successful conviction and more money in the coffers.

It's almost that time of year again when the local politicians will knock on our doors promising us the earth, and in some cases the moon, and whilst in the main they all mean well, has the existing council system become outdated?

Would the town now be better served with an elected mayor, possibly without any political affiliation, who would run the Town Hall from top to bottom?

And included in that remit would be to work with the police on the issue of local law and order.

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