Birdman in Worthing where it belongs

It's Birdman time again this weekend.

Good luck to all of the competitors and, hopefully, a great time will be had by all, with a number of charities benefiting through the sponsorship.

A full quota of 42 Birdmen with a healthy waiting list, whilst a rebel, bordering on dog in a manger, event at former hosts Bognor is struggling to get into double figures, puts some perspective on the latter's claim to the annual competition.

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There's no doubt Bognor did a superb job when the event was of a certain size, but when our good old friends "health and safety" got involved and it was ruled Bognor pier wasn't big or safe enough they had to move the event to a superior venue.

Whether the good people at Bognor like it or not, that venue is Worthing and the sooner they accept that the sooner they can abandon their event and come along the coast and enjoy the real rally

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Worthing Birdman 2010

This year's Worthing Birdman event runs on Saturday, August 14 from around 2.10pm until 4pm, and on Sunday, August 15 from around 2.50pm until 5pm.

Follow the action with the Herald's live and interactive Birdman news feed on both days on this website.

Serious competitors will launch both the Saturday and the Sunday of the event, while the fun flyers will only compete on the Sunday.

A full list of all competitors and who they are raising money for can be found in our Birdman programme, free inside the Thursday, August 12 edition of the Worthing Herald.

Facebook and Twitter users can add the Birdman logo to their accounts with the special Twibbon.

Don't miss the full Worthing Birdman coverage in the Thursday, August 19 edition of the Worthing Herald.


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