Brexit is going have the biggest effect on young people

I realise that you do not print many letters of a political nature but what is going on with this Brexit nonsense is surely not real.


We have over my lifetime had some good and bad PMs.

Thinking back when I was seven years old I remember seeing a photograph in my parents’ daily paper of Neville Chamberlain waving a piece of paper about outside No 10 Downing Street saying peace in our time and not understanding till much later, namely the start of the war.

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He was the most naive one we have ever had.

He had just come back from meeting Adolf Hitler in Munich and Hitler wrapped him round his little finger.

Now this PM is in that category.

The Lady has not got a clue but then the public must take some responsibility as we all fell for the nonsense that Johnson was coming out with.

I am not worried for my generation as our lives are nearing the end.

It is the young people of our country that matter most with more opportunities in a free Europe.

P G McGovern, Leas Court, Bognor Regis