Brexit: There will always be plenty of moaners ready to blame the EU

I’m glad we can still rely on Cllr Latham for an insightful and well balanced observation. (Express letters Feb 24th).

Saturday, 2nd March 2019, 2:05 pm
Updated Saturday, 2nd March 2019, 3:05 pm

There is indeed a special place in hell for jingoists. Unfortunately Brexit has made it acceptable for jingoists to crawl out of the woodwork and start tub-thumping.

The real moaners are those who have moaned about our membership of the EEC and then the EU for the past 45 years. They are still moaning about successive governments who have failed Britain by not taking the EEC/EU seriously.

They’ve moaned and complained and got opt-outs and vetoes rather than contributed and made the EU the way it should be.

Rather than address the idiot who made “straight bananas” an issue, they allowed the press to portray it as the truth rather than the fabrication it was.

The national press, sensing the outrage factor and never letting the truth get in the way if sold more copies, published more and more of the drivel. And are still doing it. Nobody fact checks and people believe it.

So the real moaners have got their way. They use a bit of slight of hand to blame the moaning on the people unhappy with the situation we find ourselves in... but still moan about it anyway.

So where is it going? Personally, I think we will leave with No Deal.

But then that’s what the real moaners want.

Cllr Latham is already pointing out that if it doesn’t happen on March 29th there will be more moaning.

They have scrunched their eyes and clenched their fists and are ready to stamp their feet.

And if, after its happened, things start to go wrong, well, it will still be the EU’s fault. More moaning will ensue.

They will never find the real culprits because they won’t look.

It’s the British way: Blame somebody else.

Rod Main

Northfield Close