Chichester local plan wants to reinstate unpopular A27 options

On December 13, 2018, Chichester District Council quietly released the hugely important local plan which will affect Chichester for decades to come.

Your letters to the newspaper SUS-181214-104016001
Your letters to the newspaper SUS-181214-104016001

No fanfare and real publicity unlike previous important consultations which involved changes to the A27.

On reading the plan, I am not surprised that they want it kept quiet as it reinstates a mixture of options two and three with only right turns for southern traffic and a link road between Birdham and Fishbourne on category three floodplain (a category that should never be built on) and bordering the AONB with the addition of housing and industrial units. Options that were hugely unpopular and emphatically dismissed by local residents as destructive to the city and unworkable for local traffic in the last HE consultation.

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Even more disgraceful than the betrayal of trying to reinstate a democratically rejected road is the fact that the plan, which is very lengthy, is only available online and at a limited number of information afternoons. If you want a printed copy, it will cost a fee of £15. So if you do not use or have access to a computer you are excluded unless you can afford the fee. Disgraceful.

Perhaps some members of Chichester District Council don’t want Chichester residents to read and comment on what disastrous plans they have in store for us if this gets passed.

Jennie Horn, Graydon Avenue, Chichester