Are you all set to celebrate Chinese New Year, Chipsters?

HOW has your week been? I’ve been busy finding out about Chinese New Year.

Celebrating Chinese New Year.
Celebrating Chinese New Year.

My older brother Dash has been learning about the festival at school and has been telling me all about it.

Chinese New Year – also called the spring festival – is the oldest Chinese festival and celebrates the start of new life and the beginning 
of spring.

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Unlike the start of our new year, which begins on January 1 every year, the Chinese New Year is never on the same day.

It happens between January 21 and February 31, depending on the moon.

This year it takes place on January 31.

People start their celebrations the day before, on the New Year’s Eve, and the festival continues for 
15 days!

Before they start the festival, they will clean their homes to get rid of any bad luck and decorate them with paper scrolls and good-luck phrases.

On New Year’s Day, children will wake to find a red envelope under their pillow, filled with money 
and sweets.

That’s just a few of the things Dash has told me 
so far.

It’s a lot of to take in, 
isn’t it!

I’m hoping he’ll go through it all again with 
me later.

I’m really looking forward to celebrating the festival.

I’ve started making decorations for my kennel, but I won’t be setting off any fireworks tonight – they are my pet peeve.

Why don’t you get in 
touch and tell me what you’re looking forward to this week or let me know if and how you celebrated Chinese New Year?

You can email your pictures and letters to [email protected]

You never know, if your story is really good you could be featured on this page.

Have a great week!

Poodle-oo for now.