CHIPPER: What books do you like to read?

I hope you’re all having a great week full of books and reading.

I love to read, and today is World Book Day. I love it! What are your favourite books, Chipsters?

Lately I’ve been reading a book about a superhero called Captain Underpants. It is making me laugh out loud a lot.

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It’s about a school headteacher who gets hypnotised by two naughty pupils and becomes a superhero. He doesn’t even know he’s being a hero!

I saw that there are also books about a superhero called SuperCat, but I didn’t want to read that. How can a cat be a believable hero? Crazy.

Before that I was reading a Horrid Henry book. Have you read it?

There is a whole series of books about Horrid Henry, a boy that is selfish and tries to fix problems any way he can, even if it’s bad for other people. He’s not very pleasant, but it is funny to read.

I like to read books that make me laugh, but sometimes I read ones with a mystery where I have to guess whodunnit. What type of story do you like to read?

World Book Day brings a lot of fun with it. All the schools are doing fancy dress days where you dress as your favourite book character.

I’ve been trying to think what to be and I decided I’m going to dress as Dennis the Menace. All it takes is a jumper with red and black hoops, some red socks and black shorts. I’ll ruffle the fur on my head too to complete the look.

Who have you dressed up as, Chipsters? Why not send in a picture if you have one?

Whatever happens, enjoy your week, gang.

Chip chip for now!