CHRISTIAN COMMENT Logs but no splinters

WITH each new year many Christians claim a scriptural promise to test.

So which scripture are you going to seize for 2011?

“Last year I embraced The Name of the Lord is a strong tower the righteous run in and are safe.” [Proverbs 18:10] … and was I glad!

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On Friday, December 17 I was heading for Northamptonshire.

The scenery was fabulous, with everything white, coated in a thick frost.

The journey up the M23 was fine; I was cruising at 50, enjoying Christmas melodies from a CD – the sky was blue and the sun shining until I reached the M25.

A blue car-type van pulling a blue trailer attracted my attention but overtaking me rather too closely for comfort – I made a mental note to watch trailers, I spotted another trailer in front of me full with huge chunks of wood, ready for sawing up, drawn by a jeep-type vehicle.

Deciding I wanted to get past this as quickly as possible in view of the warning, I signalled, pulled out into the middle lane when I realised the Jeep was speeding up too.

Not only that the trailer was beginning to sway.

Instead of slowing down, the driver increased his speed trying to accommodate the swing of the trailer.

With the increase of speed the trailer began to rock dangerously.

I was in serious trouble.

By now I was doing more than 60 and nowhere near passing the vehicle.

It was obvious the whole thing was going over.

The guy, realising this, slammed on his brakes, careered onto the hard shoulder, sending sparks everywhere and flinging all the wood lumps across the M25.

As I uttered, “No! Lord this isn’t going to happen!” Everything went into slow motion.

It was as if a bunch of angels had descended and were hand-balling the giant logs away from my little car – one out of the path of my right wheel and another that was about to hit my left.

The traffic behind had seen the warning lights and slowed down too – there were no collisions and no one was hit.

Manoeuvring out of the debris I drove off totally amazed and praising God – the Lord truly proving that his name is a strong tower the righteous run in and are safe.

OK! So coincidences do happen, but, like may Christians, I’ve found that positives happen a lot more often when you pray and entrust your life to God.