Christmas movies in May are not acceptable!

Is watching a Christmas film acceptable in May? Well, according to my daughter it is, after subjecting me to three in a row!

The Grinch

Now, anyone who knows me appreciates that I have a very strict rule about Christmas starting in December and not a moment before. I can’t bear Christmas jumpers in November or Maria Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas’ any time before December 1.

No, it is not because I am the Grinch – despite my being accused of it many a time – but it is because it makes it less special if we have a full year-long festive bonanza.

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Of course many of my lovely ‘friends’ take great delight in sharing festive countdowns with me in August just to wind me up, but that is okay because at least I can keep my own home Christmas-free until the appropriate time.

That was until this week when my daughter took control of the television when she was feeling a little under the weather.

Thanks to Disney Plus, Sky TV, Netflix and what feels like hundreds of DVDs I expected her to go to one of her go-to favourites to feel better. Always something with animals – usually the Lion King or Lady and the Tramp.

But no, she finds some random film I have never heard of (featuring talking dogs) which is a Christmas film, complete with the ‘real’ Father Christmas and everything.

Sleigh bells were ringing, Santa’s elves were singing and I, working at the other end of the living room, had to resist all temptation to tell her to choose something else.

However as it was a film only she was officially watching and it was not a family movie moment I let her get away with it.

A decision I came to regret when my girl, huddled under the sofa, looked for her next film.

Because thanks to modern technology these platforms suggest other similar movies you may like to watch based on your previous viewings, and low and behold there was a sequel to the dreadful festive fare that she had just watched which she chose to watch with great delight.

Cue deep breaths from mummy letting her get away with it because she was poorly. So there was yet more tinsel, trees and festive cheer whenever I looked up from my computer.

It wasn’t until some time later when yet another Christmas song came on that I realised she was on her THIRD festive film of the day after which I had to draw the line.

Christmas is well and truly over!

But that festive magic must have worked some wonders because my girl was back to her normal bouncy self in the afternoon.

A Christmas miracle in May!