Claire Bradford: networking, events and a bit of Feng Shui

THE Worthing Tide of Light event and fireworks last week were a great example of how businesses and the community can support each other and get it very right.

The team behind the Tide of Light are a local business themselves ( but organised the event and its funding on a not-for-profit basis along with Worthing Lions to put on an amazing evening.

Tens of thousands of people turned out and were fed and entertained by scores of local food businesses, and many of the town centre shops stayed open to help cater to the masses.

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It was a fabulous evening – many thanks to all who had a part in making it happen!

Some of you will remember that I wrote about the wonderful Janine Lowe a few months ago, and how her knowledge of Feng Shui can predict auspicious dates for you and your business.

She’s nothing short of magic, that woman!

Anyway, she’s recently launched a service where you get daily texts telling you the best time to communicate and tips for the day tailored to your birthdate.

It’s free to try for seven days if you text the (one) word ‘fengshui’ and then your birth date to 60777.

After the trial is up, nothing is taken from your phone – you just get a message telling you how to sign up for more.

Why not give it a try – I was astounded at how it worked for me.

For more information about Janine, go to

Regular readers will know how I like to bang on about networking and, true to form, I’ve got another story for you.

My husband is currently starting up his own business after 25 years of employment.

Of course, my own experience has been helpful for him but his business area is very different.

A regular at Worthing Coworking (, he has been overwhelmed by the help and advice of his fellow co-workers there and reckons that he has already saved hundreds of pounds and days’ worth of time by being pointed in the right direction by people who have already walked his path.

Remember, you don’t have to go to a ‘networking meeting’ to network – but if you want to, Worthing MNC is tomorrow.

Did you go to the Tide of Light, have any tips for my husband or like the sound of Janine’s service? Tweet me @coachbythecoast with your thoughts.