Claire Bradford: Top tips for website words

Without engaging content, your website’s beautiful design, zingy logo and fabulous search engine optimisation ends up being a waste of time and money.

So, here are three recommendations for planning what you will say in your copy...

1. Be really clear about who you are talking to.

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What is your target market? It sometimes helps to think about a person or company you have really enjoyed working with, and keep them in mind when you are writing your copy.

Although it is important to have your business’s ‘voice’ and personality come through in your website, your target market will dictate the tone you need to adopt.

For example, are you selling your catering services for corporate lunches, or for children’s birthday parties?)

2. Think about what you would like the reader to know, think, feel and do as a result of reading your copy.

Is it important that they know you have a lot of experience? That you offer a money-back guarantee? Or that you’re holding a workshop a week next Tuesday?

What do you want them to feel or think about that?

Confident you’re fit for the job? Reassured? Inspired to book up?

Then think about what it is that you want them to do about it.

A strong call to action is important, and you need to be clear what action you would like them to take, whether it’s visiting your shop or calling you about your services.

3. Ask a coach, friend or colleague to “interview” you about what you do, as if they know nothing at all about your business.

They could ask about what fires you up, what your business values are, who you love to work with, what packages you offer, and so on.

Record the conversation, or get someone to take notes on what is said.

You will find that talking like this and using what you say when you come to writing will make the whole process much easier.

If you would like some help writing your copy, please do get in touch.

Drop me a line via email, to [email protected]

Alternatively, share your own experiences and tips at or via Twitter, @coachbythecoast