Coffee Connoisseur: A scoop of heaven for the summer

I don’t want to jinx anything, but it looks like we are in store for a far better summer than last year.
JPCT 050613 S13230663x Sugar and Spice, Piries Place, Horsham -photo by steve cobbJPCT 050613 S13230663x Sugar and Spice, Piries Place, Horsham -photo by steve cobb
JPCT 050613 S13230663x Sugar and Spice, Piries Place, Horsham -photo by steve cobb

This sultry week has been the ideal weather for barbecues, shopping, blaring feel-good tunes from the car radio and stopping for a refreshing lunchtime snack.

Horsham may not be short of its coffee shops, but for a taste of real summer there are only a few venues that come to mind, and one is Sugar and Snow.

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Located in Piries Place for only a few months, the American style ice cream parlour and pancake house is easy to pass by without acknowledgment, but what a shame that would be.

Snowy white walls adorned with snowflakes and depictions of a little girl in a dream-like state, the eaterie is like something from my childhood.

Decor: As my colleague and I walked in, we immediately stopped to admire the display of homemade ice creams with curiously colourful textures.

Advised to take a seat, we stole a booth in the corner, which reminds me of those cushy retro diners I used to frequent in New York.

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Beside me on the wall was a written tale about a little girl called Ariella whose aunty would only feed her lumpy porridge, but in her dreams she stumbles upon a magical land of ice cream.

I like the magical appeal for kids here, but it doesn’t make an adult feel out of place. It reminds me of Hansel and Gretel. If only the bread crumbs led them here and not to the witch’s gingerbread house.

Service: Our waitress showed us the menus that are brimming with pancakes, crepes and sundaes.

Asking her what the flavours were, she explained that because the ice creams change so often she was unable to memorise them.

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I really like the idea that it’s not the same types on display week in week out.

Drinks: The usual range of hot beverages are on offer here. Although I did like the sound of the luxury hot chocolate. Instead, I opted for the Americano.

Arriving in a clear glass mug with a little milk on the side, I enjoyed a strong, flavourful brew that I could adapt to my own taste. Nothing particularly special here, but satisfying nonetheless.

Food: This is what summers are all about.

My colleague chose two scoops from the counter and I, feeling greedy, went for a Lemon Meringue Madness sundae. Arriving with numerous scoops of lemon ice cream, pieces of meringue, zesty sprinkles and lemon curd in the bottom, I was transported to the same fairy-tale land as Ariella.

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Speaking to our friendly waitress, we asked her how the ice creams were made. She explained that the staff are constantly coming up with new ideas and within an hour the chef has created it.

So I’d like to set Sugar and Snow a challenge to make the County Times blend. What would it be? How would it taste? Please let us know.

Value for money: At £13.45, two of us indulged like little kids and it was worth every penny.

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