Creating silly fun for children with Froggle | Vicky Meets

Vicky meets... Riley Clark, actor, singer and children’s entertainer at Froggle Parties.

• What does being a children’s entertainer entail?

I am Froggle, a fun character who wears brightly coloured clothes and big shoes. I get booked for parties, fetes and fun days, wedding receptions and corporate promotions. I do magic tricks, balloon modelling and singing and create lots of silly fun with the children.

• Are you a clown of sorts?

Froggle with Louisa Rose

No. A lot of children – and adults, actually – don’t like clowns, so my costume is not like a traditional clown’s at all and I don’t wear clown make-up. But that’s not to say there isn’t loads of daft clowning-style fun. There’s tons of that!

• What happens at a typical party?

Two hours of comedy magic, balloon modelling, fun and games and bubble and snow machines. Parties are always fun, interactive and inclusive. Oh, and noisy! Very noisy! Children really love having the time to play and be silly with their friends. That shared experience is really special for them.

• What do you love about hosting parties?

The children’s reaction to magic is brilliant because they are so fascinated and excited by it. It’s lovely to watch their expressions. I also love getting out and about and discovering places in West Sussex and Hampshire that I didn’t even know existed! It’s like going on an adventure sometimes, especially if it’s somewhere right out in the sticks.

• What do you think are the required skills of a good children’s entertainer?

Being a good and effective communicator is key, but you especially need to really love, and be naturally good at, connecting with children. You also need to enjoy reminiscing your own childhood; to really love being a big kid. You also need good attention to detail and to be able to hold the attention of a room full of children. Basic admin skills are essential, too. I’m currently looking for new team members, so if you think you have the right skills, get in touch.

• How has Covid affected parties?

Covid has thrown up many challenges, but luckily we have rarely had to cancel a party. But of course we do have to comply with the law. Bookings have increased post-lockdown. I think people really want to celebrate to make up for the birthdays and events that lockdown stole from them.

• Being an actor and singer as well as a children’s entertainer must make for a varied life?

It does. One day recently I did a child’s party dressed as Froggle in the morning. In the afternoon I was dressed as a unicorn for a little girl’s party and then that evening I was suited and booted and singing Sinatra at a swing gig! Oh, and on tea breaks I was learning lines for a play I am involved in about Oscar Wilde! But I do really love the variety – it’s the best of all worlds.

• Where can we find more information?