Hard to Starboard is my best game, Chipsters!

Being a dog, I have lots of energy and like to keep very active.

But over Christmas, I’m afraid I had a few too many dog treats and mince pies!

I know this, because now my tummy scrapes along the ground and stops me from doing my favourite things, like running in the park.

So my new year’s resolution for 2014 is to be fit and healthy, because we all know how doing exercise and playing games can be fun!

It’s still very cold outside and the ground can be slippery, so I like to get all my canine buddies together and play indoor games.

On my team there’s Lucky the Labrador, Gordon the great dane, Barney the basset hound and Doreen the dalmatian.

Although sometimes I don’t like playing with Lucky because she’s very sporty and sometimes she can get very competitive and step on my tail. We play dodgeball and volleyball and games like Duck, Duck Goose.

But my favourite game is Hard to Starboard, where someone shouts out the different parts of a ship and you have to run and try to get there first.

It’s my favourite because I’m very fast and everyone else has to try to keep up with me. Then before you know it, spring will be here.

And you know what that means, my favourite day of the year ... sports day!

Why don’t you tell me what your favourite game or sports activity is?

There are so many ways to keep fit and have fun, like dancing or riding a bike.

Why don’t you draw me a picture of you doing your favourite activity?

n Finally, a special hello to Chipster 467 Kimberley Harman who wrote to tell me she is moving house.

Hope you are very happy in your new home, Kimberley, and don’t forget to send me some news and some jokes once you’re settled in.

Chip chip for now!

Bye Chipsters, chip, chip for now!