I love warm weather but don’t get burnt!

SPRING is finally here, the sun is finally shining and I’ve been running around in the park.

Don't get burned in the spring sun.
Don't get burned in the spring sun.

Hopefully you’ve all been able to finish your homework and get out in the sun!

I like to reward myself with a run down the beach when I’ve finished all mine.

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My favourite place to run is the beach because, when I get too hot, I can cool off in the sea!

I imagine I’m Usain Bolt when I’m running along the beach.

When I win (which I always do) I even try his famous pose, but I just can’t do it with my little paws!

I love it when the sun shines, especially when it’s so warm.

It’s even been hot enough for my poor mum to burn 
her skin! She’s all red and sore now.

Make sure you are a lot more careful than she is before heading out in this glorious weather so you don’t get burnt.

Sun-cream and hats are the best for protecting your skin, for humans anyway.

Hairy dogs like me can have a hard time in the hot weather too, so make sure you don’t leave your dog in the car when you’re out.

When someone tried to leave me in a car I asked: “Do you really want a hot-dog instead of a Chipper?”

I don’t think they got 
the joke.

Also, PLEASE make sure we have enough water in our bowls before you leave us in the house alone!

(Just don’t leave the taps running!)

Anyway, I had better get going.

There’s so much spring grass to roll around in! 
Remember my tips for staying safe in the sun, and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Toodle-oo Chipsters, see you next week!